Does the perfect tent exist?

I’ve written previously about my quest for the perfect tent.  When I first started tramping, I bought a MacPac Apollo.  I loved that tent.


MacPac Apollo, pictured here at the Perry Saddle camp site, Heaphy track, Dec 2013

Despite many years of faithful use and generally being an awesome tent, I realised we had stopped carrying the Apollo because it was too heavy (e.g. our Waiua pass trip, January 2015, when we relied solely on huts for the first time ever). It was early 2015 when I became obsessed with getting a new, ultralight tent and invested in the tarptent double rainbow.


Our tarptent double rainbow, next to Lake Mavis, Arthur’s Pass, Mar 2015

Now don’t get me wrong, the tarptent double rainbow is an excellent tent…  It just hasn’t been a perfect tent (outlined here).  Maybe I just got a dud?  But also, I miss the extra space we had in our Apollo tent.  The extra width and just a little bit of headroom makes it seem a bit more luxurious.  I don’t miss the weight, of course.

If I were going to get another tarptent, I’d get the rainshadow 2, probably.  However, I worry that this, still is not the perfect tent.

Maybe, like many things in life, I need to make the perfect tent myself.  It hasn’t really come up on this blog (yet! – though it should have), but I am a very proficient seamstress.  I actually have a degree in fashion design.  Sewing a tent really shouldn’t be any different from sewing anything else, right?  There are plenty of people on the internet who have made their own tents without knowing how to sew first.

So this begs the question, would you ever consider making your own tent?

So stay tuned, readers!  Maybe someday you’ll be reading about a DIY ultralight tent.

Happy Tramping!